World's Worst 100 Websites

A cruise around the lowlights, lowlifes and utterpointlessnesses of the internet... with added popular-things-which-are-not-very-good.

Friday, March 29, 2013

Seven Years On

This blog was put together a few years ago when I was researching a humorous article on websites for a computer magazine. The idea that there could be a worst 100 websites is, of course, ridiculous. The sites I chose were plucked almost at random, though I Googled for some specific terms and tried to find some sites I'd remembered visiting previously. These sites did not deserve to be labeled the worst in the world (well, maybe one or two), and I hope the list is taken as a piece of humour, rather than a criticism of the hard work entailed in running a site.

The result is this list, which is now undoubtedly out of date, as is the article I wrote about it at the time.

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The List Is Finished

The order is sorted and I'm in the process of reviewing the sites. I've decided not to even link to the Nazi site I found, so if people are interested in it, they'll have to go looking themselves.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Twisted News

Topical Jokes on this site, which is pleasant to the eye, though slightly cluttered with Ads. Their irreverent take on the news is a constant delight. What's bad about it? Well... it's not especially useful or especially good use of time... though perhaps that's good.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

For Wimps?

A myriad of links to videos which may disturb you at

Sack the web designer

Panels of graphics for every corner of the page. Random icons which link back to the main page. Links to an external site for all content. This might be a placeholder or under construction... it's definitely horrible. Drop Dead - the Argentinian band.

A Total Pantomime

Siefriend and Roy's website is quite simply a load of marketing with no substance.

Crap to put in your blog

Memes to add to a blog... thing is, memes are supposed to be good. Blogthings has a collection of the others.

My Own Photos Masquerading As Art?

Well, actually, they're masquerading as "photo stock", but the point is that this is a site with large pretensions. Truly Free Stock.

A tacky named dog

And his tacky site: Diamante Nero.


The Bibliography of Fossil Vertebrates - you can search it... but you'll have to work hard... and the results aren't worth it.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Attack Of The Clones

The site is called it's an intentionally registered misspelling.

A site about what!?

The missing punctuation mark - the interrobang. An entire site for one point.


The Dreaded Apostrophe has a site dedicated to it.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Pimping your schoolmates

The problem with Friends Reunited is that they charge you to contact people with whom you lost touch for a very good reason. They also encourage you to lie about yourself and go online to have a shufty at other people's lies. Overall, it's a very bad idea.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

A multitude of timewasting pointlessness - timewasting traps.

Get Down Shep

This site promises a lot, but the cracks begin to show.

It's melting my brain

This website is quite simply a contradiction in terms: They can't be hosting it from the back of horse-drawn carriages, surely?

Aptly Named

The aptly names 4 cheap has about 4 CDs in each category. The prices look good, but the site looks very basic. Perhaps this is one to go to as a final check that you can't buy that CD cheaper from CD-WOW, Play or Amazon.

One of many ad-led placeholder sites

Maybe you're trying to find out stuff about David Blunkett and so you google him, find there's a and then find it's nothing more than a bunch of ads.


Stick on beard anyone?

Maybe you could buy that at

What's Biting Their Beans?

This New Zealand based Soy website seems to have a bee in its bonnet about it. They've even enlisted Darth Vader to speak for them.


Here's a site run by the whingers of the service industry. Stained Apron - why being served food is a form of low-budget terrorism, apparently.

Encyclopedia, brief and full of ads

It ain't no wikipedia -

Am I Hot Or Not

Hotbot, which I remember as one of the original web search engines, is simply not. No way. NotHotBot.